The police were ready for the match CSKA - Zenit in the morning

The police were ready for the match CSKA - Zenit in the morningPolice cordons, which are designed to ensure the security of the Russian Premier League between the teams of CSKA - Zenit, arrived on the scene in the morning.By 10 o'clock around the perimeter of the stadium "Dynamo" were exhibited boom, and representatives of law enforcement bodies were already in place and held a pre-match briefing, the correspondent of "Газеты.Ru".Revival of demand special was not observed. Therefore, it is possible that many fans at the game will not be present.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Morientes confirmed the interest of real Madrid to Gerrard

Morientes confirmed the interest of real Madrid to GerrardForward of the English football club Liverpool FC Fernando Morientes told that former partners real Madrid are always asking him about Steven Gerrard, while continue to spread rumors about the proposal, which prepares the Spanish Grand captain of Merseyside. Former forward "Galacticos" says that every time his friends deal about the Affairs of the Spanish contingent at Liverpool, they are always interested in the player of national team of England. According to reports from Spain, captain of Liverpool on the list the first number of possible acquisitions "Royal club" this summer, for which they are going to rebuild the team. However, Morientes believes that if the "Red" will be able to win something this season and compete for other titles, Gerrard will remain. "I often talk to friends, they ask about how things have "English" Spanish, but this is not the only topic. They always ask me about Gerrard and make compliments in his direction. Читать полностью -->

NedvД›d refused to extend the contract with Juventus

NedvД›d refused to extend the contract with JuventusThe Czech midfielder FC Juventus (Turin) Pavel Nedved has rejected the club's offer to extend the current contract. As previously reported, the owner of the "Golden ball" 2003 has repeatedly stated his desire to finish his career at Juventus at the end of the current contract in 2006.As you know, after the European championship 2004 due to the heavy workload at the club, and also due to the health problems of the Czech midfielder was forced to stop playing for the Czech national team. Currently Nedved does not participate in team training, training on the individual program.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Shearer will not return to the England squad

Shearer will not return to the England squadAlan Shearer once again confirmed that he would not return to England, performances for which he completed after Euro 2000. Explain that magnificent form 33-year-old forward, "Newcastle", 27 goals for his club this season, spawned a wave of publications in the British press calling for Shearer to return to the national team. "I know what else could help the national team, but in this case, in the end, I couldn't as good to play for Newcastle," he said in an interview with the BBC, noting that he also won't change her mind about ending your career after the season 2004/05.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Fifty goals in one match

Fifty goals in one matchThe unique achievement of established women's team 'Mechelen', which in the championship match of Belgium crushed the opponents 'Bellora' with a score of 50:1. It turned out that the cause was the desire of goalkeeper loser club to go to a music concert. 'Our goalkeeper preferred music, that's why we lost the score,' said the second-choice goalkeeper Charlotte Jacobs. - Football players 'Mechelen' opened the score on the 4-th second of the match, and the second half brought it to 27:0. But then we managed to miss all 23 goals. And at the end of the match the opponent even allowed us to score one goal in their gate, which was very nice of them' Читать полностью -->

The former: I had to talk to the players at half-time

The former: I had to talk to the players at half-timeThe head coach of Zenit St. Petersburg Vlastimil the former stated at the end of the UEFA Cup match against LOSC (1:2), that the game is very beautiful, according to L'equipe."Zenit was much the better side in the second half, but we never managed to have a successful scoring combination, " said the former. "I'm disappointed, as they hoped to achieve at least a draw. In the first half, my players were not sufficiently concentrated and made some gross errors. I had to talk to them during the break. It they are almost all very young, and they don't have much experience of international matches".. Читать полностью -->

Marseille Zenit will take by the throat

Marseille Zenit will take by the throatThe French midfielder 'Marseille' Mathieu Valbuena told France Football journalists about how things work in a team and as wards of Eric Gerets going to beat the champion of Russia 'Zenith' in the UEFA Cup.- Confrontation with 'Zenith' will be very difficult, " said Valbuena. - We know very well the quality of this team, they're knocked out of the tournament without anyone else, and 'Barcelona' - a third team in Spain. From the first game, we must demonstrate the unity of the spirit, as in the matches with 'Spartacus'. Need more and more to attack and try to take the opponent by the throat. A lot will depend on the first game on the 'velodrome'. All we are to keep progressing in the UEFA Cup and make this all possible.The first match between 'Marcel' and 'Zenith' will take place on Thursday 6 February.. Читать полностью -->

The locomotive did not win again

The locomotive did not win againWednesday Moscow 'locomotive', located at the training camp in Spain, spent his match with Spanish 'Murcia'. The game ended in a tie -2:2, soobaet Soviet sport'.'The railroad' were leading the score twice, but the Spaniards both times managed to win, and his second in stoppage time.During the match were damaged Marat Izmailov and Emir Spahic. How serious these injuries are not yet known.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Rock: Negotiations with Olic on the move to Spartak are not

Rock: Negotiations with Olic on the move to Spartak are notAccording to the "Soviet Sport", the head coach of Spartak Moscow Nevio Scala commented on the Croatian journalists joining team CSKA striker and national team of Croatia Ivica Olic."Olic is a high class player, which, I admit, I would love to see in "Spartacus," said Rock. - In Russia still spreading rumors about what this player may be in "Spartacus", but I can report that talks with the striker not being".. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus can buy a midfielder Alessandro D

Spartacus can buy a midfielder Alessandro DSpartak Moscow intends to intensify the Argentine midfielder German "Wolfsburg" Andres D'alessandro. According to the newspaper "Life" referring to a source in the club, that player was in the sphere of interests of the management of the red-whites even at the Olympics in Athens. "There have been several of our scouts who watched his game. We made a request for the purchase of this high-profile players. Know that applicants for it very much. In addition to "Spartacus", it seeks to acquire a number of English and Spanish clubs. Читать полностью -->

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