To replay and peresdat

To replay and peresdatIn Brazilian football championship a great scandal broke out, in which he was involved arbitrator serving the matches of the national championship, Edilson Pereira, providing for the not so humble reward the desired results.The main suspect was arrested, and the results of 11 matches of the current season, the outcome of which was affected most directly, cancelled.Last week police of sГЈo Paulo was taken into custody FIFA referee of Edilson Pereira on charges of biased refereeing and illegal play in the football betting. As it turned out as a result of wiretapping, Pereira have long conspired with sharks of gambling, making bets on the matches of the national championship. For a fee in the amount of from four to six thousand euros it all by hook or by crook ensured ordered his accomplices outcome, helping them win six figures. Rates on individual events reached 70 thousand euros, and in the end, this strange 'luck' players aroused suspicions of law enforcement.Impure into the hands of the judge without shame invent a non-existent penalty, cancelled net goals and was credited nonexistent, was removed from the field of players without any reason, in short, repaired on the field a real mess. The heads of the clubs, both of victims and, on the contrary, benefited from the intervention Pereira, neither sleep nor spirit did not know that their fate is already sealed.After the arrest Pereira pleaded guilty only seven episodes, but did not specify which of the matches he judged contrary to the rules and common sense. However, it became clear without it; enough listening negotiations with the customers and a detailed view of suspicious matches. Читать полностью -->

Petrashevsky: Titov and red in Dynamo will not be

Petrashevsky: Titov and red in Dynamo will not beSports Director of the Moscow football club "Dynamo" Alexander Petrashevsky replied "Moskovsky Komsomolets" to the question, what is the probability of occurrence in the club Yegor Titov."This is just a rumor. No negotiations or with itself Titov, nor with Chervichenko we do not store any. Don't even keep in mind such an option. I also read Newspapers and know who is spreading such gossip. Just want to note that red in "Dinamo" will not," said Petrashevsky.. . Читать полностью -->

Corbis: Jorge at CSKA and Rock in Spartacus was easier

Corbis: Jorge at CSKA and Rock in Spartacus was easierCoach Vladikavkaz "Alania" Roland Courbis stated "the Soviet Sports" that he does not want to leave the Vladikavkaz and want to work on: "At the moment I have no suggestions regarding employment no one has called."In fact, what happened in a school in Beslan, truly shocked, and not only me. The family is haunted, calling every hour or two: "Roland, you have to ensure its security on one hundred percent". 'm concerned. Soothe close as you can. God forbid that in the future mankind has known such a catastrophe," said Corbis."I'm on my work and the conditions in which it takes place, not complaining. It should be noted that the work of the Rock in Spartak and Jorge CSKA much different from the work of Corbis in "Alania" - said the coach. Читать полностью -->

Di Canio Brescia violated the principles of Fair Play

Di Canio Brescia violated the principles of Fair PlayPaolo Di Canio from Lazio disapproving remarks about the act of Brescia player Daniele Mancini in Sunday's championship match Italy Udinese Calcio - Brescia (2:1). According to Reuters prize winner of the FIFA Fair Play Di Canio believes that the striker was not to score a goal in the 76th minute due to injury goalkeeper Udinese Morgan de Sanctis. "This is a first - to get the ball when the goalkeeper can't get up because of an injury," said RAI di Canio. - I think that after that, they (the players Brescia) should have been allowed Udinese to score".As you know, after the goal Mangini players Udinese tried to challenge the goal. As a result of clashes between the players was deleted Czech team's player Marek Jankulovski and guest coach Giovanni Di Biasi.Himself Di Canio received his prize from FIFA, for what he is as a player with West ham United", in a similar situation did not score against Everton in 2000.. . Читать полностью -->

Bulykin will miss three rounds of the championship of Russia

Bulykin will miss three rounds of the championship of RussiaAccording to "Sport-Express", striker Russia and the Moscow "Dynamo" Dmitry Bulykin due to injuries sustained in the match of the Euro 2004 against teams of Greece, will miss at least three rounds.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Shishkin will have to lie on the operating table

Shishkin will have to lie on the operating tableDefender of FC Spartak Moscow Shishkin surgery of the inguinal rings. According to the official website of red and white, it will be held today in Germany. A survey in clinic Munich, showed that without surgery can not do.Yesterday footballer, together with teammates flew to France for the 1/16 finals of the UEFA Cup, right in Marseilles airport was transplanted on a plane to Germany.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Vicente recognized that may move to Juventus

Vicente recognized that may move to JuventusMidfielder for Valencia Vicente acknowledged that he may move to Juventus. As previously reported, last week the player of national team of Spain refused to sign a new contract with his club. According Tibalfootball, among the possible buyers Nava previously, Manchester United and Liverpool."I was contacted by representatives of many teams, said on Saturday Vicente. The most famous of them - "Juventus". This club now has a new head coach Fabio Capello and for any player would be a great honor to play in his team".. . Читать полностью -->

The former has signed a contract with Zenit until the end of 2007

The former has signed a contract with Zenit until the end of 2007According to the "Soviet Sport", on Wednesday, the head coach of Zenit St. Petersburg Vlastimil the former extended his contract with the club for three years.Now the Czech coach will guide Zenit until the end of 2007. Upon signing the contract the former wished to build a new stadium for Zenit. According to Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Sergei Tarasov, this question has already been carefully studied - it is possible that a new stadium with 43 thousand spectators will be built in the area of metro station "Avtovo".. . Читать полностью -->

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