Van Basten comfortable with the coaching debut

Van Basten comfortable with the coaching debutNetherlands national team in a friendly match played in a draw with team Sweden with the score 2:2. This match was the debut for coach of the "orange" Marco van Basten. The coach, who replaced after the European championship dick's Lawyer, said after the meeting that he was pleased with his team's game. "In the beginning we had problems, because the opponent played well positionally, but by the end of the first half we improved our game, which worked out after the break. This match has taught us that we need to play better defense. Swedes difficult to put pressure on them, because when they play the long ball, but after the break we played well and created a few chances. Читать полностью -->

Filatov: Morons is too soft a word

Filatov: Morons is too soft a wordThe President of FC Lokomotiv Moscow Valery Filatov commented "Sport-Express" solution to the FTC fined defender of railwaymen Vadim Evseev for incorrect statements in the media addressed to the FTC."I am entirely on the side Evseeva and ready to repeat word for word what he said about these people. Let them fine me too - money, thank God, " said Filatov. - Penalty for Evseeva we'll pay. But only because I care about how you play the national team of Russia with Estonia on 17 November. But all of this company from the FTC, apparently, don't care. Now they will disqualify Radimov and Evseev, then someone else, who will tell the truth about them ("morons" is too soft a word). Читать полностью -->

The threat to leave the Turkish League issued 14 football clubs

The threat to leave the Turkish League issued 14 football clubsThe threat to leave the strongest division of Turkish football - Turkish League was made on Tuesday 14 clubs. They require increased their share from the revenues received by the League from the sales of the rights to broadcast matches of the tournament, reports the associated Press.Under the current agreement the four largest football club in Turkey - Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas and Trabzonspor - get 50% of the TV money, exactly the same percentage in the total share of the remaining 14 clubs."If our demand is not listening, we're not going to participate in the national championship," said the President "Generalise" Ilhan Cavcav.The reaction of the football Federation of Turkey to the demarche of the clubs has not yet been reported.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Fiorentina are interested in Giggs

Fiorentina are interested in GiggsItalian football club Fiorentina appealed to the British "Manchester United" with a question about Ryan Giggs. The interest of the Italians to the Welsh midfielder has emerged after the player rejected the offer of the "Red devils" on a contract extension. Apparently, in the coming days, the representatives of the Italian team will meet with the player.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Spikelets: Mutko, Aleshin and Tukhmanov can lead RFU

Spikelets: Mutko, Aleshin and Tukhmanov can lead RFUThe head of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskov said at a press conference after the meeting of the Executive Committee of this organization, commented on his resignation.In the words Koloskova, in the case that the team will not qualify for the world Cup in Germany, he will leave his post in 2005. If you fall, he intends to retire in 2006. Thus, he stated that "we may have to leave early, this is Russia".He called possible successors in office, people who in his opinion is now able to lead the RFU. This is Mutko, Aleshin and Tukhmanov.Koloskov said about his confidence that he will be prosecuted. But he is ready for it and believes it is important to show how the RFU net organization.Concerning the conduct of the Commonwealth Cup, Koloskov said that it will take place in Moscow, but I do not understand where and in what condition will the CSKA arena.. . Читать полностью -->

Dinamo head coach Ivo Wortmann dismissed

Dinamo head coach Ivo Wortmann dismissedThe management of football club "Dynamo" (Moscow) in the office of the club met with the coaching team.As reported in the press service of the Dynamo, the meeting ended with the resignation of head coach Ivo Wortmann and his coaching staff.The reason for the resignation was the poor results of the team and the failure set before Ivo Wortmann tasks. Brazilian specialist sympathetic to his resignation and regrets that he was unable to help Dynamo to establish a stable game that would bring the glasses and pushed the team up the standings.The acting head coach again, for the second time in the season, appointed Andrey Kobelev, which at the Ivo Wortmann was part of the coaching staff. To help Kobelev at the end of the season will be the head coach of the reserve team Sergey Silkin.At the same time, as reported in an interview with RIA Novosti press attachГ Dynamo Ilya Kosekin, the name of the new coach, the club will be called not earlier than the end of the season."Considered several candidates, but the clarity will come only at the end of the season. While it is impossible even to say exactly what would be Dynamo's new coach or this post will remain Kobelev," said Kosekin.Moscow Dynamo November 12, will play a friendly match against FC Moscow" and 19 November calendar game of the 30th round of the championship of Russia in Samara with the local "Wings of the Soviets".RIA Novosti. . . Читать полностью -->

Wiltord accused of speeding

Wiltord accused of speedingAs previously reported, "SE", attacker, "Lyon" Sylvain of Wiltord took away from the training base of the club the police. This is due to the requirements of 33-year-old footballer accused of speeding, informs Reuters. At the police station Wiltord answered a number of questions, after which he was released. After a few months he will have to appear in court."I think it's nothing serious," said the President, "Lyon" Jean-Michel Olas. - I was told that he ignored the request of the police to come to the station, so they had to take action".Sport-Express. . Читать полностью -->

6 players of the Dutch national team finish his career

6 players of the Dutch national team finish his careerSemifinal match of the Dutch national team against Portugal was the last match for the national team for a 6 "orange". Their desire to focus on playing for clubs said Pierre van Hooydonk, mark Overmars, Paul Bosvelt, Jaap Stam, Edwin van der SAR and Frank de Boer, reports Reuters.All of them, except Bosvelt and Hoydonk, was considered the main players of the Dutch national team to the Euro.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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