CEO Milan: I was against the acquisition of Cavenaghi

CEO Milan: I was against the acquisition of CavenaghiGeneral Director of "Milan" Ariedo bride said "Sport-Express" that the club refused to purchase Serhiy Rebrov and Fernando Cavenaghi on his initiative: "I decided at the time that Rebrov is not very suitable to us in power and physical condition - I have repeatedly seen Cavenaghi in the case. Eventually came to the conclusion that Milan won't buy that the Argentine. Will leave with you some considerations, but tell me: he has scored in Russia? One goal? May not yet managed to settle in your country, I agree. But the world class striker needs to score. Let's not every game, but often. Cavenaghi is a good striker, he has the potential. But there are certain weak points that have to work the coach of "Spartak"..

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