Romantsev: would love to work again with Alenichev

Romantsev: would love to work again with AlenichevThe former coach of Spartak Moscow Oleg Romantsev in an interview Motovskomu Komsomolets" commented on the game the Porto midfielder and national team of Russia Dmitry Alenicheva in the Champions League final."I have not yet congratulated Dima with a victory. I think that he needed a few days to relax and recover. Now he has the euphoria of victory, a flurry of calls. Then ? of course, congratulate. Now, if ?Port¦ lost, I would be obliged to call one of the first. For support," said Romantsev."Victory Alenicheva ? it is a victory of Russia. Every fan believes that Demkina success has millionth of its merits. Anyway, I think. The Alenichev was able to achieve such success because it uniquely combines the talent of the player. He ? open, sincere, not accidental in any team revolves around him a team. All of this together and allowed him to achieve what in Russia no one has yet been achieved ? to win the Champions League. Dima has proven once again that he is a player of the highest European level.Would love to work again with Alenichev where he plays, the coach goes to work as a holiday. If he returns to Russia, it will be a gift for all of our football!.

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